The Medical Electronic Engineering Association Malaysia was registered with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia on 25 July 2014.


MEAM is providing competency enhancement to their members by organizing seminars, training programs and through partnerships with other training providers where the latest innovations and new technologies can be gained.

New online training options are being developed in conjunction with academic partners and specialist training providers to supplement our face to face training workshops and courses.


MEAM is involved in development of standards, guidelines, publication on a regular basis.

By taking part as a member of a Technical Committee (TC), Sub-Committee (SC) or Working Group (WG) – whether at national, ASEAN or international level, MEAM members will benefit from having access to the latest knowledge, relevant innovations and technological developments in a particular field or sector.


MEAM is providing reasonable budget and also involved in R&D projects (e.g. 3D printing Ventilator and 3D printing Splitter Ventilator).

Through involvement in R&D, MEAM members shall learn to solve clinical problems, as well as design software to run medical equipment and devices, electrical circuits, or computer simulations in developing a new medical product.


MEAM is a forum for aspiring young biomedical engineers and assistant engineers to come together throughout the year, to engage, connect and share ideas, challenges and goals through social events and professional development opportunities.

MEAM focuses on professional development specifically tailored for members, specific focus is on delivering interactive events for MEAM members to connect, learn, grow and stay updated on the latest information and events in your areas of interest.

Also to encourage the sharing of ideas, knowledge and experience with colleagues working across the biomedical sector on a local, national and international level.

World-Class Productivity

MEAM is a professional medical electronics and biomedical engineering based organization. Promoting Biomedical competency, standards, training, publications and R&D. Members are from MOH and exMOH biomedical engineering personnel.

Medical Electronic Engineering Association

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Medical Electronic Engineering Association , C/O Engineering Services Division, Level 3-7, Block E3 Parcel E, Precinct 1, Federal Government Administrative Centre, 62590 Putrajaya, Malaysia